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THE SLY SHOW ( 04-21-14)
Posted on Apr 21 2014 2:07 pm by The Sly Show

Full 2 hour show:

Sly talks about hiatus last week

Sly pulls out his hard-drive...

see u tomorrow.

The Sly Show Returns after a hiatus last week
Posted on Apr 21 2014 11:23 am by The Sly Show

So, here’s what happened…Sly came back to the live show weekdays at 11:00am (you should know this by now).  Anyways, there was about a week and a half of classic fucking shows (I mean let’s be honest with ourselves…Sly was back to normal with old classic songs, movie clips, rants and some classic fucking prank calls).  Everything was going really smooth, then, something horrible happened.  After another CLASSIC show, on April 16th, the main hard drive fried.  And when I say fried, I mean FRIED…like chicken or burnt toast…have you ever over cooked something?  Yeah that’s what happened to our hard drive. So from that point on, the complex, annoying and stressful process began to:  a) get our files backed up (which isn't fully done yet) and b) get back online to stream the show.  Which leads me to my main point...we are back online and the show must go on.

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-15-14)
Posted on Apr 15 2014 5:38 pm by The Sly Show

Unkle Fucker Checks in from the 580
Posted on Apr 15 2014 4:31 pm by The Sly Show

Gweedo Checks in and Talks about Eating Balut
Posted on Apr 15 2014 3:35 pm by The Sly Show

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-11-14)
Posted on Apr 11 2014 5:07 pm by The Sly Show

Unkle Fucker Calls up Sly..

Cousin Gabe Checks in for the 2nd day in a row..

Gweedo Checking in....

Sly Prank Calls a Girl named Margarita!

Sly Prank Calls a Pet Store!

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-10-14)
Posted on Apr 10 2014 1:54 pm by The Sly Show

 Entire Full 2 hour show

Sly Wanted to know about Choco Taco....

Cousin Gabe Chimes-in and Talks w/ Sly

Sly's Old Pal Gweedo calls up as well!

For Some reason Nebraska seems like a nice place to call!

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-09-14)
Posted on Apr 09 2014 4:04 pm by The Sly Show

  • Chicago - 25 or 6 too 4
  • Ultimate Warrior Dead
  • Raw Speech
  • Sly and His Country Accent
  • That Shit is getting annoying
  • Sly and his Editor
  • Does She Drink too much?
  • Coasters - Get and Ugly Girl too Marry You
  • Bone Thugs N Harmony - Notorious Thugz
  • Ranting, Rambling
  • Voxer was the Walkie Talkie
  • If this was commercial radio...
  • Prank Calls happening..
  • Sly getting hung-up-on
  • The Nook Prank Call
  • Lana Del Rey Music
  • Rick James Music
  • More Ultimate Warrior Chatter
  • Led Zepplin - Fool in the Rain
  • Ultimate Warrior HOF Speech

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-08-14)
Posted on Apr 09 2014 3:34 pm by The Sly Show

Today's show was late as fuck, well not really too late but about 30 minutes late and the show didn't kick-off till about 11:30 am which wasn't that big of a deal however Sly explained in his opening segment that someone complained yesterday that The Sly Show wasn't on till 4pm she felt betrayed. for those that don't remember Sly announced he would do 11-4pm pdt monday - friday but things like that or this shouldn't be taken to serious. Sly is back and that's the main thing to really think about right now.

Sly talks about Red Hot Chili Peppers song " Cant Stop" which could be considered a dated-song on the show, it was originally a song sly would play in his power-hour and this wasn't the power hour so the dated music was playing 7 minutes into the show, which wasn't all that bad because this particular peppers song is a good one

After the Peppers told us not to stop, a promo seperated the peppers track along with a song by singer Lana Del Rey off her album Born to die, the song that was being heard was Diet Mountain dew.

16 mins have passed and some talk starts taking place, Sly talks about The Pirate Bay and how of course he checks The Pirate Bay Charts because he's a movie Biff.

Around this time it was ADD time. for those who are un-aware of Sly and his thing, his thing is many things apparently but his main thing is his ADD and his ability to change the subject whenever and whenever. its great and thats exactly what was taking place during this portion of the show.

Sly has been working on a voice that was inspired by Errol Chilldress from HBO's show True Detective, and he will not stop talking like a Southern Man with a thick accent.

Speaking of accents sly shares that he was reading a book on accents and how he was in the shopping mall drinking his starbucks, Sly then talks about the russian accent and how to talk like one.

Mamas and the Papa's - California Dreaming is playing loudly...

"I dont even wanna talk to rappers no more"
" The Bitch over there at AT&T"'

Sly explains his little phone call he had w/ a AT&T Rep this morning, it was funny and shit. it was a good little funny story.

Sly then talks about this kid who comes to his house at 9pm the night-before and Sly ends up slamminh the door on his face, a much entertaining story.

Now Playing: Bad Finger - Baby Blue

Speaking of Doorbells, Sly goes into a comedy clip that talks about people in 2014
Then the 40 year old virgin famous clip plays...

So you remember how i explained that Sly was doing that voice that sounded like that guy from that show? well he called a book-store in New Hampshire and did a 5 min prank call. it was comedy gold....

Now Playing: The Longest Day theme-song

this was actually the shortest day, but that was ironic that song playing.

Sly then talks about Vans and he plays the song 'Vans on' by T Mills

Prank Call replays.

Kanye West - All falls down plays

Sly ends the show talking it up, he explains people can expect a blog-post hitting the webs tomorrow, and that pretty much wraps up today's show. Sly ends w/ National Anthem by Lana Del Rey and all in all it was a pretty good show. it was mini, but it was good.

THE SLY SHOW ( 04-07-14)
Posted on Apr 07 2014 8:42 pm by The Sly Show

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